Skyco 1973

Skyco at Windsor Free Festival 1973

Skyco at Windsor Free Festival 1973

Here it is. It was scanned from a 7"x 5" print I made at the time and it's a bit dusty, but I've never got around to "spotting" it. On the back I've written "Everyone Involved?", which is what I thought the band might have been called. There is a second pic, but I think it's essentially the same. I still have the negatives somewhere.
I was 17 when I took the pic. There were no "name" acts that afternoon, though it was rumoured that the Welsh group Man would be appearing later. In the late afternoon there was a big thunderstorm, which probably put paid to everything, but I'd left by then.
I can't remember when or how I realised that it was Difford and Tilbrook in my photo, but a couple of years ago there was a pic like mine in Mojo and that confirmed it. It's funny that Glenn has the same guitar, hair and (almost) shirt as in that "closed eyes" pic of him at 14 (according to the Unofficial Glenn Tilbrook Site). Perhaps he was actually 16 in that photo.
I don't remember anything about the music that afternoon, but then I was too busy taking photos to listen properly.
Do you know who took the close-up of them on stage (not that there was a proper stage) that you have on your site? I recall that I was unable to get any closer due to the sheer crush at the front, hence my telephoto shot. (The other photographer was Ron Reid - David)

Regards, and thanks for a very interesting site.

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[Skyco 1973]
[Skyco 1973]