Greenwich 1975

Squeeze in rehearsal in Greenwich in 1975. Photographed by Lawrence Impey.

Chris and Glenn

Chris, Glenn and Jools

Chris, Glenn, Jools and Harry

Lawrence writes: “These photos were taken in the rehearsal room at Greenwich Swimming Baths, where the band used to practise. My favourite memory has to be when Squeeze got arrested. At the time I was co-managing the band (with Miles Copeland) and, as was traditional, we had a Ford Transit van to get to the gigs in.  I used to drive the van and the rhythm section used to sit up front with me and the other three members of the band and the roadie used to sit on a sofa in the back – the equipment went between us in the middle. Anyway one day I was driving them to a gig and we were going down the Marylebone Road heading out of town when suddenly this cop on a motorbike overtook us and indicated to me to stop the van. He came up to my window and said something like “This is absolutely disgusting and you will follow me to the nearest police station”. Of course I didn’t have a clue what he was talking about but didn’t feel I had much choice, even though it meant blowing out the gig.I later discovered that the guys in the back had been exposing themselves to the Lady Mayoress of London whose entourage had been following us down Marylebone Road. They had also been displaying signs saying “If you want some, just come and get it” and so on.  Anyway, they were all pretty young and their parents had to come and get them released from the police station.”

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